Welcome to iVaycay...The beautiful and affordable alternative to HomeAway, VRBO and AirBnb


Launched in May 2017, iVaycay is an innovative alternative to the property listing format and pricing models of HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb and most vacation rental websites. iVaycay is a beautiful, high-impact service for property managers and homeowners who want to market their vacation rentals with NO LISTING AND BOOKING FEES, and in a visually dramatic and engaging fashion on our website, social media and everywhere online.


At iVaycay, all property listings are showcased through our elegant and efficient property listing homescreen, where visitors feel like they are standing directly in front of and inside of the property they are interested in renting, before they have even visited the property in person.  Viewing a property listing on iVaycay is not only gorgeous, but is designed to save people time in locating property information on specific vacation rental.  Our property listing format eliminates "endless vertical scrolling" that most vacation rental websites require you to do to find specific information about a particular property .  As a result, you save a lot of time and have an enjoyable vacation rental search experience at iVaycay.


The booking process at iVaycay is simple.  Booking is done separately, directly between the vacation rental property manager/owner and the guest. We give you complete freedom and control over the booking process unlike most other vacation rental platforms. 


Our mission at iVaycay is to blend art, technology and common sense to connect property managers and owners of vacation rentals around the world to every traveller.  We're committed to providing a service that allows vacation rental managers and owners to do more and earn more from their vacation rental listings and at far less cost than anywhere else.  We're also committed to helping everyone find the perfect vacation rentals to stay at so that they can have incredibly memorable travel experiences, wherever they go around the world.


Thank you for choosing iVaycay for your vacation rental needs. We appreciate you and look forward to serving you with a world class vacation rental experience online.  Should you have any questions or comments about iVaycay, please contact Mikim@iVaycay.com.  Enjoy your stay!


                                             Russ Salmon

Mikim Phan                                                    Russ Salmon                                                                                                                                

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